Werner seed company

Non-Gmo Soybeans

                                                                              NON-GMO SOYBEAN SEED

​​MN1312CN RM 1.3 - New release from U of MN, MN1312CN offers the advantage of excellent yield in an early maturing variety. Resistant to phytophthora root rot, average iron chlorosis tolerance, high SCN resistance (PI88788).  Medium height, good standing.  Good protein and oil content with yellow hilum. 

MN1701CN RM 1.7 - A general purpose soybean released by the University of Minnesota.  Outstanding yield potential in a mid-season soybean with excellent SCN resistance. Medium height beans.  Good protein and oil content.  SCN resistance PI 88788.  Yellow hilum.

IAR 1902 SCN Soybeans RM 1.9 - University of Iowa release. Bred as a high yielding commodity type soybean with the improved Peking type SCN resistance. Buff hila.  Moderate resistance to brown stem rot.  Great yield potential and high oil content.  Medium-tall height with good lodging resistance.  Great choice for fields with history of Soybean Cyst