​​Birdsfoot Trefoil is a remarkable pasture legume that is highly productive with excellent forage quality.  Often overlooked because it requires different management than Alfalfa or Red Clover, Trefoil is widely adaptable and will outperform Alfalfa and Red Clover on acidic or poorly drained soils, even tolerating waterlogged soils or brief flooding.  Its tolerance to frequent grazing and ability to hold quality past maturity make it an ideal choice for rotational grazing.  Trefoil is highly nutritious with lower fiber than other legumes and with more bypass protein than Alfalfa or Red Clover.  One of the best attributes of Trefoil is that there is no risk of bloating.  Trefoil has moderate drought and heat tolerance. 

               Seed 8#/Acre alone or 5#/Acre with 2-3#/Acre grass.

Trefoil requires greater pasture management than other legumes.

               Periodically delay grazing to allow reseeding - Trefoil holds leaves and retains forage quality past seed maturity.

               Tolerates frequent but not close grazing - Works extremely well in rotational grazing systems, pasture stockpiling.

               Very compatible with cool season grasses - Trefoil does best growth late spring and summer when grasses rest.

Bruce Birdsfoot Trefoil - New variety with improved seedling vigor for quicker, more competitive establishment. Semi-erect growth habit, yields greatly improved over the standard trefoil varieties.            

Birdsfoot Trefoil /Clover Mix - Blend of trefoil, alsike, and white clover.  Good for overseeding to increase legume in existing pasture, or for seeding low ground. Varieties not stated.  Various lots with different blends.

birdsfoot trefoil

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