Werner seed company

ALFALFA 90 MIX            Add Production Power to Your Beef and Dairy Hay
90% Phytophthora root rot resistant Alfalfa
5% Harvestar Orchardgrass
5% K-32 Tall Fescue
This mix is a strong percentage of high-yielding alfalfa with a little late maturing Orchardgrass and Tall Fescue added in. University research has shown many benefits of alfalfa/grass mixes, including greater tonnage yield and higher feed utilization, with the addition of improved hay dry down, better agronomics, and longer stand life.  Orchardgrass and Tall Fescue are the most productive grasses for Southern Minnesota with very good feed value, persistence, and wide adaptability. This mix is ideal for dairy and beef producers looking to increase forage production and improve animal performance. K-32 is low endophyte.  Preinoculated. 

ALFALFA 77 MIX          High Quality Hay Production for Cattle and Horses


77% Phytophthora root rot resistant Alfalfa

12% Harvestar Orchardgrass

11% Climax Timothy


For a grassier alfalfa mix we start with a high percentage of improved alfalfa, add in timothy that will perform well on wetter soils and complete it by adding Orchardgrass.  We use late maturing Harvestar Orchardgrass, which will better match the maturity of alfalfa.  Orchardgrass is a good all-around grass that has high yield, lends itself to multiple cuttings, and has excellent re-growth and will produce well in midsummer when most cool season grasses go dormant.  This mix would work well for horses, as it does not contain any clover.  This mix will be heavy on alfalfa the first year.  As with other legume/grass mixtures, the grass percent will increase every year.  Preinoculated.

ALFALFA 60 MIX          Alfalfa/Clover/Timothy Mix for Greater Adaptability


60% Phytophthora resistant alfalfa

15% Arlington medium red clover

20% Climax timothy

5% Alsike clover


A high percentage of alfalfa plus timothy, Arlington red clover and Alsike clover makes this a very productive legume-grass mixture at an economical price.  This mix is well suited to fields with variable soil types and poorer drainage.  If more grass is desired, brome, tall fescue, or orchardgrass could be seeded in with a nurse crop.  If a higher alfalfa percentage is desired, pure alfalfa seed can be added to this mix.  Preinoculated. 

ARLINGTON 56 MIX               Clover/Grass Mix Ideal For Poorly Drained Areas


56% Arlington Red Clover

20% Timothy

12% K-32 Tall Fescue

12% Alsike


A high percentage of Arlington Medium Red Clover makes this a good mix for poorly drained and acidic soils.  Timothy will aid in dry down.  Tall Fescue handles wet soils better than most grasses.  Alsike clover produces exceptionally high quality feed and produces well in wetter soils.  If more grass is desired, brome, tall fescue, or orchardgrass could be put in with the nurse crop.  This grass will add yield, aid dry down, and help prevent bloat if used for pasture. K-32 is low endophyte. Preinoculated. 

4-WAY GRASS MIX                        All grass mix for Waterways and More


30% Smooth Brome

30% Low Endophyte Tall Fescue

30% Perennial Ryegrass

10% Climax Timothy


An all-purpose, all grass mix.  Use it for pasture, waterways and terraces, or in ditches and around buildings with limited mowing.  Adaptable to many soil types.  Will respond well to nitrogen; for best production add 40 lbs a season if not grown with a legume.  Alfalfa or clover seed can be added if legume is desired.  Varieties not stated.         

 SUNNY LAWN MIX -  A blend of 60% Kentucky Bluegrass, 20% Creeping Red Fescue, and 20% Perennial Ryegrass.  Ryegrass is a quick growing ‘starter’ grass that will fade away as the higher quality Bluegrass and Fescue become established.  Bluegrass is the premier sod grass for lawns with fine texture and deep green color. Our Sunny Mix has a higher percentage of Bluegrass than most lawn mixes.  Creeping Red Fescue is a hardy, fine bladed sod grass that will tolerate some shade.  Add more Creeping Red Fescue for a shadier mixture.  Varieties not stated.